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We offer both conventional "braces" and "Invisalign"  treatment options to correct minor and major malocclusions. After analyzing your bite problems we can recommend  the treatment options that would work best for you. As a general dentist Dr. Weiser had over twenty years of experience providing orthodontic treatments to a very high standard. He is devoted to assuring that not only are your teeth beautiful and straight but just as important that the bite is in a stable jaw position to assure long term health of the Temporomandibular joints (TMJ). This is an extremely important but sometimes unrecognized component of orthodontic therapy that will affect how stable your bite is, how your teeth will wear, and how your jaw joints (TMJ) will hold up many years after the orthodontics is completed. 

We would be delighted to show you many of our patients before and after results when you come in for a consultation!