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Mouth-Body Connection

Strongsville Dental Blog: The Mind-Body Connection

Modern medicine has made it known that the health of the whole body is dependent on all its parts. The mouth is considered a gateway to the body and poor daily oral hygiene and nutritional choices can attribute to oral and systemic health problems. As members of the AAOSH, the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, Dr. Weiser and staff work diligently to help patients better understand the impact oral health has on the body.

Periodontitis and Fighting off Bacteria

The mouth is a fine tuned part of the body that requires frequent maintenance to protect it from decay and damage. Bacteria grow off the bits of food left in our mouths and if left alone they will harm tissues throughout the mouth. Without proper treatment, tartar collects at the base of teeth and travel under the gum lime. Eventually, the gums will pull away from teeth creating pockets to easily trap food debris to promote bacteria growth.
Beyond what happens to the surface level of your teeth, the bacteria can grow into the gums and access the bloodstream. Advanced periodontitis has serious implications for your heart health, for blood sugar management, and overall general health. This oral systemic issue can lead to heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory disease and even pregnancy complications. 


Prevention and early detection are important to fending off the negative impact gum disease can have on your overall health. Gum disease is treatable but it’s much easier to manage when caught before infection spreads and serious health issues arise. Visiting your dentist regularly will help stop oral health issues before a tooth is lost. If bacteria have infected the gums, then root planing and scaling is necessary to stop from the disease before it travels to the bone and surrounding teeth. Continued maintenance cleanings are necessary to help prevent the disease from progressing.

How to Care for the Mouth

Taking care of the mouth is taking care of the body, and if you find that oral care is lacking and your happen to get sick frequently, then it’s time to change habits. Excessive consumption of sugar and alcohol encourages bacteria to grow, while smoking is a leading cause of gum disease. Changing these habits will improve general health and have the mouth feeling and looking healthier too.

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