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Dental Restorations

Strongsville Dental Blog : Dental Restorations 

When you need a dental restoration, it’s customary for a dentist to take a digital scan of your mouth or use impressions to accurately plan for the right dental restoration. Missing one tooth typically requires a dental bridge, where multiple tooth loss can call for a partial or full denture. Consider these options for dental restorations:

Porcelain Crowns - Made from either all tooth-colored materials or a hybrid of metal and porcelain, crowns are used to restore a damaged tooth, protect healthy roots or to sit atop a single dental implant. Crowns can also be milled from a solid block of porcelain with CEREC technology in a single dental visit. Custom crowns blend in with your natural smile, reinforcing a strong bite and beautiful smile.

Dental Bridges – Bridges are used to replace single or multiple adjacent teeth to create a natural looking smile. Dental bridges require anchors to have a strong foundation, which can either be natural teeth or dental implants. If a patient needs to replace multiple teeth in a row, bridges are a great option, especially coupled with permanent implant posts. 

Dentures - Dentures come in a few varieties. If they are supported by dental implants, they are referred to as overdentures or hybrid implant supported dentures. Overdentures have the added convenience of being removable, while hybrid dentures are screwed in place. Traditional dentures fit over the gums and palate, and are custom made by acrylic at a dental laboratory.

Caring for your Restorations

Dentures require soaking and cleaning, and crowns and bridges are treated like regular teeth. Routine visits to the dentist will make sure that all of your smile restorations stay healthy. 

Richard Weiser, DDS, provides various restorative options, including single-visit crowns, and is happy to consult with patients who want the best solution for decay, damage or tooth replacement. Call Strongsville Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry to learn more about your restorative options.

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