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Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment in Strongsville

Dr. Richard S. Weiser of the Strongsville Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is committed to giving you the beautiful smile and straight teeth you’ve always wanted. We offer a variety of orthodontic treatments for children, teens, and adults at our Strongsville dental practice. We pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art, comprehensive orthodontic care that will not only straighten your teeth, but give you a functional bite to last a lifetime.

Modern Orthodontic Services
 Strongsville Orthodontics

Our Strongsville dental office is equipped to diagnose alignment and bite problems and will work to create affordable treatments for your smile and overall oral health. We use intraoral cameras so our patients can see what’s going on inside their mouths on the big screen. Combined with our 3D imaging and digital cameras, Dr. Weiser strives to educate patients about their options to help them make a more informed decision about their smile.

Our Strongsville orthodontic services include:

Traditional Braces - Traditional, metal braces are very effective for treating severe alignment issues and overcrowding. They allow dentists to move your teeth in small increments using metal brackets, wires, and monthly adjustment visits. An affordable brace option, it is a tried and true method for children, teens and adults. 

Invisalign® - Dr. Weiser is a preferred Invisalign® dentist in Strongsville. He will analyze your bite and lifestyle to determine if Invisalign ® is the right treatment option for you. This cosmetic, clear aligner system consists of a series of clear plastic aligners that will gently shift teeth into the desired position. Because they are nearly invisible, Invisalign® aligners are a good choice for adults who are worried about their appearance during treatment. The aligners are removed while eating and during brushing and flossing, allowing teens and adults the convenience of an improved lifestyle during treatment. 

Wilckodontics – This accelerated orthodontic brace option includes a periodontic procedure to decrease the amount of time needed in braces. The procedure helps to soften the bone for easier, more rapid teeth movement. As the bone hardens, your teeth are secured in their new position.

TMD Treatment – Patients who suffer from problems with their temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can find relief of their symptoms through calculated orthodontic treatments. Dr. Weiser will examine your bite and design a plan to move your jaw into a more stable position, improving the function of your bite and relieving the stress placed on the joints.

Phase Orthodontics – Orthodontics for children under the age of 10, or when baby teeth are still present, is often referred to Phase One treatment. Problems that will only worsen adult teeth grow in are intervened by the use of retainers, spacers, expanders and sometimes brace wear. Most Phase One patients will move into Phase Two once their adult teeth grow in. Functional dental appliance therapy during Phase One helps to minimize the problems most often found during teenage years. 

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We provide modern orthodontic treatment in Strongsville and throughout the surrounding areas. Our team of friendly, experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful smile, resulting in optimum oral health. We’d love to help you develop an affordable orthodontic treatment plan that will meet your needs. Give us a call at our Strongsville practice today to schedule an appointment